The Beginning

My dad and I have finally gotten the dvd from the concert ready! Following this momentous occasion, we have been getting a lot of work done in the form of creating a new website as well as this blog.

So far we have been trying to not make a plan that says we need to leave at any certain time,  cause as soon as we do, the universe sets something we need to accomplish in our path and our best laid plans go askew.

But it finally looks like we are finally ready to head out (hopefully)! So I will be seeing my grandpa in California by the time my birthday comes around (December 26th), I can’t wait to see him!


Now onto something a little closer to home.

For those of you who have talked to me about this trip, you probably have been hearing me say one word about how I feel, “Intimidated”. I have even considered not going because of how scary the outside world can be.

After all, I come from Seattle, one of the most progressive cities in the world and some of the ideas that may seem common place here, won’t necessarily be as accepted everywhere else. That is scary to me. Or at least it was scary. Cause after I thought about it for a long while, I realized something.

The different ideas that they have shouldn’t scare me. In fact, it should excite me!

I get to see how other people view the world! I get to learn what people with completely different views and backgrounds think about this crazy world we live in!

So, although it was a little “intimidating” at first, I decided to do something crazy and instead of looking at the dark side of our adventure, I looked at the beautiful silver lining.




9 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. What a fantastic first blog. My completely unbiased, professional and objective opinion is that Corwin Benedict is not only talented, brilliant, genetically superior and handsome, but his writing skills are amazing.
    What a great adventure we are going to have.


  2. Delighted, also reassured there will be a travel blog. Want to remain in touch!

    I so appreciste your reflection on your feelings about this adventure. A silver lining indeed! And such an opportunity to hear, see, feel, explore, expand. Especially if you journal the events and stay open to thec richness of observing .

    Thank you, Corwin, for your willingness to share. Look forward to reading about the journey!


  3. Hi, Corey and Kevin,
    Happy to hear from you and to know you’re on the road to “scary” and beautiful adventures. I send my blessings to you on your courageous and fascinating travels.
    Loving wishes,
    Patty Zeitlin


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